You don’t get to be bored


I’m fairly certain this was said by C.K. within the context of a joke regarding his child, but nonetheless, I find it quite apt as a catch-all for the phrase, “I’m bored.”

“I’m bored” is one of my major pet peeves. There are a few instances where uttering, “I’m bored,” is acceptable:

1.) During a particularly lagging period at work such a statement may apply.

2.) During a particularly boring lecture at school such a statement may apply.

3.) If you’re watching baseball, then this may apply. I’m kidding. Kinda.

Otherwise, there is no excuse to use that phrase. The Internet alone should negate boredom much less the multitude of other things one could be doing.

I especially like the idea of getting lost in one’s own mind. I’m introspective quite a lot and that manifest great fun for me…

There are a few reasons I suspect may be involved in those uttering such a phrase:

1.) They are lazy. Thus, boredom comes easily as a crutch for not wanting to do anything.

2.) Their personality is hollow. If you get bored easily, then I suspect that your interests are very narrow; try to broaden them a bit.

3.) They are a baseball fan. I’m kidding. Kinda.

4 thoughts

  1. Don’t mock a sport that you dont understand. Wouldn’t reading your blog constitute boredom? I kid. I kid. Or maybe..


    1. Well, that’s why there is an entire Internet out there. Click into a new Web site…

      I do like baseball history, but sitting down and watching a game? Never been my thing whether in person or on television.


  2. Crippling depression, ungratefulness, and the suicidal feeling make me very bored. I’m not easily entertained nor impressed. Travelling to different towns, cities, counties, states, countries, planets, galaxies, and universes would still bore me. Trying new things would still me once again. My mind and voice keep me busy despite the boredom, though.


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