There’s No Such Thing as the “Friend Zone”

Seriously, when’s this idea of the “friend zone” or being “friend zoned” going to die? There’s no such thing. It kinda goes back to the extreme manifestation of it we saw with Elliot Rodgers. The fake nice guy that thinks niceness entitles them to a vagina and when that person is not receptive, they’ve been “friend zoned.” And it shifts the responsibility from the “nice guy” to the person they were being nice to. Which is wrong given that the “nice guy” had veiled, unspoken intentions and false motives. 

“Come on, I’ve pretended to care about your stories, your interests, your problems, and you, so will you now have sex with me?” That’s basically what it is and again, when that sex is denied, that denier is a bitch, a whore, just likes “assholes” and so on. It’s nonsensical and self-defeating.

If all you’re bringing to the table is “I’m a nice guy,” that’s not an awful lot. It’s a good thing, what some would say the “bare minimum of human decency,” but I would imagine girls (or guys) look for more than simply that in potential mates. And especially if that niceness is enshrined in perceived entitlement.

Like, look at some of this bullshit from a simple Google search of friend zone memes:

friend zone



One thought

  1. “….If all you’re bringing to the table is “I’m a nice guy,” that’s not an awful lot….”

    Totally agree. If a man doesn’t even have the decency to bring social status, money, a decent car and some expensive theatre tickets – honestly why should I be impressed if he’s a nice guy?!

    Sorry, but he’s getting friend zoned!


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