My latest in the weekly Three Line Thursday poetry contest wherein you provide three lines of poetry and they provide the above picture. Luckily this week, I received an honorable mention with the following gracious (pun~!) feedback:

“The opening line drew me in quickly. Lush prose paints a vivid image in my mind. The broader statement here is a sad but true state of affairs in the world today. “…always the next thing.” Is this all we’ve become? Disposable in a disposable world? Fantastic!”

Now the poem:

The vibrancy of life trampled underfoot,

as we hurtle to the next thing, always the next thing,

never seeing what’s left in our wake, wanting.

One thought

  1. Reblogged this on The WallaBlog and commented:
    As usual, my friend over at Ginger Musings brings keen insight and deep emotion to bear in his writings. This three-line poem is well worth the few seconds to read and minutes to contemplate.


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