I am currently the editor of The Clermont Sun in Clermont County, Ohio. Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog past, present or future represents the newspaper. This is my personal blog and represents my personal opinions and views. I’ve been the editor since January 2017. Before that, I was an intern with The Cincinnati Enquirer in Cincinnati for about 10 months. It was meant to be a 10-week internship to demonstrate the viability of a pipeline between Miami University and the newspaper. I was fortunate the internship kept getting extended.

I live near Cincinnati, Ohio and have for most of my life, barring a one-month internship in Colorado (one of the best experiences of my life). I’m an introvert, painfully anxious about social dynamics, but also enjoy intelligent and fun conversations, and a little bit of risk-taking (for example, I’ve been skydiving). I have a dog named Dallas (after the Cowboys, incidentally, not my choice), and I adore her.

My educational background is as a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I have a philosophy degree, which, to be honest, I wasn’t the best philosophy student. I enjoyed it, but it was more of a means to get out of college sooner.

This blog was started back in 2014 as a way to organize my brain, and keep a record therein. There was no specific goal other than that. It’s a catch-all. Unfortunately, when I started at The Enquirer, I felt it was proper to curtail this blog, and it slowed down considerably.

I’m passionate about politics, social issues, movies, books, music, professional wrestling, and will happily write about all of them. Also, as a journalist, I do enjoy the meta conversations about the media and the role of journalists. I also enjoy writing poetry, nonfiction and fiction stories (flash and extended pieces).

Writing has always been my outlet. Eventually, whatever is in my head will be distilled through the “pen.” It can’t be contained in my head. Benign or otherwise, it will burn inside me until I vomit it out. And hopefully into something you can enjoy in some form or another.

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  1. Philosophy major, what a waste of a degree. Universities are producing a generation of losers. Focus on math and science! But it’s all about the money for colleges than providing a degree that will help them make a living. Also trade schools are a great option for many, but looked down upon by your elites. Wake up young youth!


    1. Thanks for expressing your personal opinions. But, I will say that a philosophy degree, building teaching skills, and learning how to cooperate with people in society are all required for a person to become a philosphy professor in a college or university in the countries that I’ve been in. Philosophy professors make money, which could make that philosophy degree not so much of a waste. A world of philosophy can help people learn how to know different perspectives.

      It’s debateable to say everyone working in universities and colleges only do that for money. Because there are countries with people who do their best by making governments and schools allow people to make a living as easily as possible. Current societies would be much different if people stopped having jobs economically.

      Arguably, trade schools have their pros and cons.

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