A variety of Haikus

The white snow falling,

a dog chewing on her bone.

Man watching it all.


Bare trees, stretching limbs




The squirrel scampers across

the grass, looking for

the same thing we want.


Over the empty woods,

the sun makes itself known.

I cover my eyes.


Feet sloshing through the mud,

stepping on dandelions

to reach the fence.


Drunkenly walking down the street

passing skunk’s carcass.

I keep stumbling.


The sun disappears

And the moon comes out.

I go under my covers.


Draining this Haiku

like summer’s watermelons,

wouldn’t taste as good.


Sentence Haikus

The dog licks my arm, whines and barks into my ear. I keep on typing.


Land filling with blood, men push their papers, then the bombs begin to drop.


Wallet pick-pocketed, there goes a happy thief with scratch-offs and lent.


Looking to change the channel, where is the remote, it is on my chest.

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