What is your passion?

I want to have a discussion about what your passion in politics is. There’s gotta be some issue you have a particular inclination towards above others. For my purposes here, I also take politics to encompass more than just the political scene itself in terms of policy matters. I take it to also mean social issues, culture and/or religion. Or if you want, we can even broaden it beyond that to include history or science, if that is your passion beyond all the aforementioned categories. Essentially, I’m just wondering what in particular is at the forefront and/or is the guiding principle of your worldview. What demands the most attention? There is only so much time in the day and one cannot possibly pay attention to everything; therefore, prioritization and a hierarchy of importance has to be present.

My particular passion is United States foreign policy (I specify United States since this is global) with a particular focus upon war and all that it encompasses — the declaration and power to wield it therein, where we wage war, how we wage war, why we wage war, etc. Not just from a legal and economic perspective, but from a moral standpoint primarily. Moreover, not just war itself, but how war impacts the domestic side of things with respect to civil liberties, political rhetoric, the culture, soldier acclimation back to society and so forth.

Certainly, other issues attract my attention such as the War on Drugs, mental health, civil liberties, economics and things of that nature, but war is prioritized number one. It is as such because I view killing and being killed, along with associated injuries both physical and mental, of not just Americans but anyone, to be of utmost importance over everything else.

Now, I want to dig a bit deeper than the hook of the title. Let’s go further. Some questions to consider:

  • Whatever your particular passion is, how much do you weigh it with respect to voting for a politician? In other words, if you disagree with a politician on the subject in which you’re most passionate about, is that a deal breaker? Will you not vote for them? Or do you do a cost-benefit analysis and say, “Well, he or she agrees with me on all this stuff over here, so I can let this one slide?”
  • How would you get others that are not as equally passionate about your subject to get passionate about it? What’s the imperative to getting behind that subject? Why does it matter?
  • If applicable, in which way do you pay attention to your passion? That is, do you focus on the global scope of it, national, the state, or the local? Or perhaps it is a mix of those?
  • Is there a person, group or organization you think trumpets your passion the best? Or a particular source you turn to that churns out the best information with respect to your passion? Conversely, is there a particular person, group or organization that you feel is a detriment to your passion?
  • Usually with political issues, one has in mind a way in which they would reform, change, abolish or even maintain whatever it is. What do you want to see happen in regards to your passion? What would you like to see in the future?

Any other relevant questions that you can think of, feel free to answer them

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