Facebook Voyeurism


As often is the case, my mind derails into seemingly random intervals of introspection throughout the day. During one such interval, I noticed something quite peculiar to me. I was looking at someone’s baby’s photo on Facebook — I forget who, but that’s beside the point — and I got to thinking, “Hey, this is…this is kinda weird.” Let me explain.

If you have a baby, you’re on Facebook and are so inclined, as a friend of yours, I or anyone else will see likely see the baby’s pictures after being born. Then, we’ll see pictures throughout his first days, weeks and months. From there, it’s his or her’s first birthday, first steps, first smile, first this and that and everything. Beyond that, I’ll see statuses avowing your love of him or her, the frustrations you’re experiencing, the sleepless nights; all the highs, lows and other tribulations that come with raising a child.

If this was the 1990s, it would be like if I sneaked into One Hour Photo and recovered your pictures and sifted through them. Facebook’s like a socially acceptable form of voyeurism.

And well, we all know that. I’m sure there are others out there that explore someone’s profile extensively or if it’s an ex, especially. Someone please confirm this before I feel weird.

But this, it’s kinda different. I get to witness everything related to child-rearing for you. I’m like a cyber uncle. I’m kidding, but still…

I’m not making a claim one way or another on this, but it’s interesting to think about. I didn’t realize the Facebook timeline was so real.

2 thoughts

  1. It fully IS weird. I think people take for granted how unnatural that sort of thing is (or at least how weird it would have been only a decade ago). Didn’t Zuckerberg say something like ‘privacy is no longer a social norm’? That kind of creeps me out.


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