A Match

This flash fiction piece was the 2nd runner up story to in the weekly Flash Friday contest based on the below photo. Check it out.

fireAs it happens, our friendship started in a peculiar way. I was 11, ball-dropping age, when I came across Hunter in the playground.

He was hard to miss because all the kids in our class were surrounding him.

There he sat among the onlookers with a box of matches. Not sure where he procured that, maybe his dad or mom, although I heard they’re both dead.

Without a word, he opened the box, slid a match out, and struck it against the strike strip and the small flame danced in front of us. Then with one quick motion, he swallowed it — the entire match.

Kids are cruel, smoldering shit piles. Naturally, they laughed at him.

But I thought it was the coolest. I pushed my way through the crowd, sat cross-legged down next to him and extended my hand.

He gave me a match. I struck, then ate.

“My parents are dead, too,” I said, as he swallowed another.

2 thoughts

  1. Worthy of second runner up if not higher. Best piece of flash I’ve read from you. You cut away the pretentiousness and unnecessary bs and wrote a great story. Keep it up and win this week’s contest.


    1. Thanks, man, means a lot. Go figure the one I wasn’t all that confident in gets some good feedback from everyone lol.

      Gonna try. Probably my favorite photo prompt they’ve done…


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