New Piece to the Michael Brown Puzzle

I’ve been covering every new angle and facet of the Michael Brown case since it broke with the obviously terrific help of some brilliant writers and analysts. Admittedly, as was likely to occur, I’ve reached peak Ferguson fatigue. That is not to say it’s like the typical hashtag news story of the moment where I stop caring. I do care and am still actively following the case and its developments. Such as newly discovered audio of the shooting, which the FBI is trying to authenticate right now.

According to a CNN report with an audio expert, Paul Ginsberg, you can hear six shots, then there’s a pause for about three seconds and then there’s about 4 more shots.

If this audio proves to be authenticated, it tells us one thing immediately:

Michael Brown was shot six times. If the officer did indeed fire ten shots, where did those four other bullets go? From one eyewitness, a bullet seemingly hit a woman’s house.

Moreover, what accounts for that pause of three seconds? According to multiple eyewitness reports (which I’ve detailed in earlier posts), there’s a moment where Brown is grazed on the arm, then he turns around to face the officer. That could account for the pause.

But I’m not looking to fit this proverbial puzzle piece into some preconceived picture I’m trying to concoct. But it is a new element that’s interesting. I’m sure it won’t be the last as the investigation continues.


2 thoughts

  1. Shouldn’t we wait until the recording is validated as actually reflecting the shooting?

    It still hasn’t been fully determined to be real or a fake.

    This is one of the dangers of the 24 hour/7 days a week news cycle. Too much is reported before it is tested out. We saw this with Zimmerman/Martin especially. Heck, Zimmerman was reported as ‘white’ for weeks before the media coined ‘white hispanic’ in order to keep the narrative going.

    The media isn’t out to report the news any more; they have sold their journalistic integrity and are simply making money now.

    Bob S.


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