Round 75: Winners

I’m so stoked to be the winner here. It’s humbling because I’ve been participating in flash fiction competitions, including this one, obviously, for a good two years now and have never managed to win this one. It’s always been the hardest one, I felt. But I’m happy to have my story recognized and liked by other eye balls. Thank you to the judge and everyone!

The Angry Hourglass

Winners! We have winners here! Thanks to AV Laidlaw for judging this weekend, and thanks to all of you who submitted stories. Tiny Woodrow appreciates the opportunity to play muse once in a while. 🙂 Below you’ll find AV’s comments and top picks.

Okay, here we go with my first time judging and it really was tough to pick the top three, let alone deciding their order.

First up, thanks to Sean Igo (and Tiny Woodrow) for the photo-prompt.

Woofer’s Murder – Two real Inspector Hounds investigate a murder… The opening exchange between the dogs sets up their respective characters, and although the story takes us through alien invasions and a killing, it’s these two canines that keep the story ticking along.

Waste – Well structured, well written with a cool, detached voice that never intrudes on the story.  The real sucker punch comes in the final paragraph.  No Good…

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