The Worst Moment In “Making a Murderer”

Spoilers abound.

I keep finding myself drawn to writing about this show. I really can’t get enough of it. I keep Googling for new articles, new bits of information, new interviews and new reactions to the hype. More and more of my Facebook and Twitter friends are discovering the show. And I just keep finding new things I want to write about it.

In a show filled with terrible moments — that is to say, moments that made my blood boil and want to throw my television out the window — it’s hard to pick just one. But I think there’s one particular moment that stands out as particularly grotesque and worthy of heightened scorn.

There’s a scene where Michael O’Kelly is on the stand and the defense has him read an email he wrote to Len Kachinsky. Before you read this, keep in mind something: Kachinsky is defending Brendan Dassey and he hired Michael O’Kelly as a private investigator. These two people are supposed to be working for and with Brendan Dassey.

The following email is in reference to the Avery family:

“I can find no good in any member. These people are pure evil. A friend of mine suggested, ‘This is a one-branch family tree. Cut this tree down. We need to end the gene pool here.'” 

Now, with that in mind, go back and watch the scene where O’Kelly has Dassey in the classroom and repeatedly coerces him into giving not only a false confession, but then making him draw it out on paper of what the crime scene looked like. It’s all fabrication since there’s no corroborating physical evidence to it.

It’s absolutely appalling and disgusting. That any prosecutor, judge, detective, members of a jury and so on could watch that tape and believe Dassey, a mentally slow 16-year-old kid, committed that rape and murder as he falsely said he did, I will never understand.

In a just word, among others, O’Kelly would face some sort of consequence for this nonsense.

Michael O'Kelly

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