Let’s Talk about Rape Culture

So, I was hopped up on coffee and felt like replying to this writer at a California state college newspaper. See his piece here and my reply:

“The second line into the article already demonstrated, with all due respect, Mr. Collins, that you don’t understand the thing with which you’re critiquing, “The idea that we live in a society that glorifies, accepts and celebrates rape is not only ridiculous, it is a lie.” That is not what rape culture is about. But you then go on to continue along this track, saying, if we had a rape culture, rape would be legalized and rapists would be celebrated. Again, this is not what rape culture is about; it’s moreover, odd that you define culture and then erroneously equate it with points about legality.

Rape culture, rather, denotes the culture in which victims of sexual assault and rape don’t feel as if they can come forward with their assault or rape without being accused of having done something to manifest it. To which, there is enough empirical evidence demonstrating the low rate of reporting for such crimes relative to other violent crimes. Moreover, the public appears to think there is a magnificently high rate of false reporting, wherein men are victimized by such things and while it’s true that false reporting does happen, it most certainly is not to the extent the public thinks.

And for what it’s worth, it’s only within the last few decades that it became illegal to rape your wife in most states. So, there’s that, too.

Or look at cases like Penn State (a more specific form of rape, obviously) or Steubenville, Ohio. It wasn’t so much that rape was glorified, but the respective rapists were shielded out of a herd mentality of, “They couldn’t possibly have done this.” Or that football was sacrosanct.”

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