Wear a mask

Wear a mask, whether it’s a cloth face covering or one of those neck gaiters, just not the N95 respirators hospital workers need.

Wear a mask, because it’s quite literally the simplest thing we can do to mitigate the community spread of coronavirus. I wear glasses, so a mask fogs my glasses up, which can be annoying and then I get self-conscious about my breathing. But it’s a moment of discomfort while I interview someone for my job, or a run into the grocery store, or whatever it is. It’s a moment.

Wear a mask, because for those who want to reopen the economy (whether in phases or all at once), this is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the spread of the virus while allowing that reopening for a new normal.

Wear a mask, and stop worrying about whether you will look weak or unmanly. I wore my Harry Potter one today when I went to Target while also wearing a Toy Story t-shirt. Who. Gives. A. Fuck. Protip: Most people are in their own heads and not paying attention to you anyway. However, during a global pandemic, particularly one that’s up-ticking again in the United States, they will pay attention to you if you’re walking around without a mask.

Wear a mask; there’s nothing political about it. It has nothing to do with politics. It’s not a Democratic ploy to get the sheeple to do what they want (and really, to what end, anyhow?). Republican governors insisting upon it, like Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, aren’t weak, pathetic RINOs. It’s not political; it’s common sense. And for the record, without getting too into my own politics, I can guarantee, if you matched me up with someone thinking others are sheeps for wearing masks, I would out-concern and out-skeptical them when it comes to state power and the wielding therein. You’re not a sheep for wearing a mask. It’s not infringing on your rights.

Wear a mask, and if Half-Price Books doesn’t want you to come into its store because you’re not, you’re in the wrong, not Half-Price Books. Half-Price Books, as a private entity, can decide who they do and do not want in its store. Half-Price Books is not infringing upon your rights, but you are infringing upon Half-Price Books’ property rights.

Wear a mask, so that we can get a past a hellscape that looks like this:


Wear a mask, because it’s the decent thing to do. Whatever misgivings you have, it’s the decent thing to do. You wouldn’t sneeze on someone, so why not respect other people and wear a mask? Is that virtue signaling? You can call it that, I suppose. But sometimes signaling virtue and signaling that you care about other human beings in your orbit is important, especially during a global pandemic.

Wear a mask; it would save lives. If at least 95 percent of us did it, aside from the economic benefits of getting the economy going again, primarily, it would save lives. The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation did a study that said as much, and that doing so would save 33,000 deaths from happening by October 1. To put that into perspective, the total vehicle fatalities in the United States for 2018 was 40,000. We’re already at 127,000 deaths from the coronavirus, without any sign of yet abating.

Wear a mask, and stop the spread.

Wear a mask, and save lives.

Wear a mask.

2 thoughts

  1. Hellscape? The only hellscape is in your mind. The more tests, the more cases. How many of these cases are asymptomatic and require no hospitalization? That would be a helpful bit of information to know before throwing the country back into a panicked frenzy, wouldn’t it? Why is that part of the equation left out if not to minimize full understanding of what we’re actually dealing with while maximizing fear?

    You’ve also failed to show with your ominous graph that as the cases increase the death rate declines at the same degree, to the point of SARS-CoV-2 now being virulent as the seasonal flu. The mask long ago stopped being about health and has become a metric of control.

    I’m not sorry to say that my freedom to breathe trumps your unfounded fear that my doing so will somehow adversely affect you, as well as the unconstitutional “orders” of some politically-motivated hack in the state house whose Emergency Order mandate became illegal 3 months ago. I do not comply. You have a problem with it, stay 6 feet away from me and, according to the ironclad wisdom of your infallible experts, you will be just fine.


    1. Yes, that graph is a depiction of a hellscape because it rising like that, somewhat dipping, and rising again is a policy and social failure. The popular counterpoint to the rise in cases is that we’re doing more testing, which is true, but there are other metrics to measure the pandemic and account for that, i.e., the positivity rate. As of five days ago, Arizona had a positivity rate of 17 percent; Alabama 12 percent; Florida 10 percent; Texas nine percent; and Georgia at eight percent. The ideal positivity rate is below five percent. Hospitalizations are also another metric, which are up in Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. As for the death rate going down, deaths are a lagging indicator. Let’s check the data in two to four weeks.

      Nobody is panicking. They are only trying to get people to evaluate the data honestly.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allows for medical reasons that may prevent someone from wearing a mask. By all means, if you have such a medical condition, then don’t wear a mask.

      Also, how is your mid-March prediction on the coronavirus going as it compares to H1N1? Have you updated your post on that yet to let your readers know how disastrously off-base you were with it? I presume someone as concerned with an accurate view of the coronavirus pandemic will be issuing a mea culpa any moment now.


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