Found Poem: For Ye, Wishes of Honey’s Sweetness

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On a random, lazy Sunday, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a loooong time and that’s play around with some found poetry. Essentially, I looked around my room while on my bed, and picked random lines from books, and random words from products, and tried to incorporate as many as I could into a poem. I also, for the sake of my sanity, used some other words not “found” to help with the flow and such. I also repeated a few “found” words. Originally, I sought out to use all the found words from this and only all the found words from this, but I’m trying to have fun, and not make this too arduous.

Here is the poem I came up with.

For Ye, Wishes of Honey’s Sweetness 

I pleaded guilty to being the man,
who of course,
thought he had the monopoly
on loving her.

One time, all this
was better.

Frankly, I should have
heeded your wishes,
concerns and warnings
that there was work
to be done.

But I wasn’t sensible.
I wasn’t stronger.
I didn’t notice the
empty cupboards.
The hollowed out
pumpkin of our

We all get injured
while running from
a blend of individual
values that reflect
us that greatly.

Your grief,
does concern
me. My own,
a private murdering.

Try to thank the
more controlled,
and do not spare me.

The work
be done.
a new man.

For ye, wishes
of honey’s sweetness.

What follows are the words and lines I cobbled this poem together from. I tried to bold the words I used so you can see how many I didn’t figure out how to incorporate (and to be honest, can you blame me on most of those?).

  • First line on page 20 of the first book of the second shelf of the first book shelf in my room: The Dead Hour by Denise Mina.
    • There’s porridge in the pot for ye and the honey’s in the cupboard next to the fridge.”
  • Last line on page 150 of the last book on the second book shelf in my room: The Politics of Freedom: Taking on the left, the right and threats to our liberties by David Boaz.
    • We will get stronger, more sensible values — and values that reflect the wishes of individual parents — from a diverse, competitive system of private schools than from a politically controlled, bureaucratically run, state monopoly school system.”
  • Second line from page 201 of the middle book on the fourth shelf of my third book shelf: XO by Jeffery Deaver.
    • She’d be sure to thank her stepmother — who, of course, had done all this work while injured.”
  • Fifth line from page 104 of the last book on the middle shelf from my fourth book shelf: White Jazz by James Ellroy.
    • The Los Angeles Police Department wishes to spare you grief, and frankly your illegal extramarital pursuits do not concern us that greatly.”
  • Three words from the paper towel package for Bounty:
    • Warning, try, upper.
  • The first line on the first article of the first newspaper I pick up from my stacks: Article title, “Two plead in murder case.”
    • “Two locals pleaded guilty to murdering a Miami Township man in Clermont County Common Pleas Court on Jan. 24.”
  • Four words from the packaging on my Newman’s Own Organics medium roast coffee box:
    • Own, time, better, one.
  • The name of my new candle:
    • Banana pumpkin blend.

Have any of you tried found poetry before, and if so, what was your method? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun exercise to get your brain thinking.

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