Haiku Challenge for Oct. 28: ‘Risk’

Creative Commons photo.

Today’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are my 10 haiku poems:

risk-averse, I stay
in my depression cocoon.
insulation death.

took a risk today
by opening my eyes in
the morning again.

this risky business
we call living and breathing
grows heavier still.

some say they risk it
all for love, but that’s a lie.
We all hold back some.

You took a risk on
me, unaware of what you
were up against “it.”

The “it”: Depression.
was a ménage à trois
risk you didn’t stay for.

depression once took
a risk with me, it allowed
happiness to breathe.

like a masochist
I risk seeing your photos
drinking in the pain.

take a risk, the books
say to me, open us, please,
and see what we have.

bee risked going to
her beehive, and was eaten
by a loathsome skunk.

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