Creative Nonfiction: Note from a Cadaver

Creative Commons photo. (I wanted to make clear that this isn’t a photo of me, lol.)

My creative nonfiction piece, “Note from a Cadaver,” was published at Anti-Heroin Chic mag for their December issue. It’s a naked examination of myself during a rather unique experience — one in which there’s still more stories to be told. For now, I would be grateful if you’d considered reading the piece here.

I’m thankful to the magazine, and to Jenny Robbins in particular, who is the CNF editor at the mag, for accepting the piece. It was one of those interesting pieces I shopped around to a few other magazines, and received for the first time a lot of personal rejections (usually with these things, you just get the rote rejections, understandably), and I thought maybe the story wasn’t strong enough. With a tip from my uncle to send it to Anti-Heroin Chic mag, they accepted it. It’s my first CNF publication since, “Moving On,” in 2014, and my second piece overall published this year.

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  1. Congrats on the publication, Brett! Wow, your piece is powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing. I’m happy that everything turned out okay and that you’re still here moving forward through life one day at a time.

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