Drink Review: Silk’s Extra Creamy Oatmilk

Let’s see if people read the captions … A question I’ve always had about plant-based milks such as oatmilk here: Does the expiration date apply even after you’ve opened the carton? Or does that apply only if the carton is still sealed? And then, how long does the oatmilk last thereafter once opening, if it’s the latter?

In my quest to continue experimenting with different kinds of milk — I have to say, being Mr. Cheesy here, that it’s quite a marvelous thing how many different kinds of milk there even are to try! — I’ve tried another one: oatmilk! I’ve stuck with Silk brand and specifically, this Silk brand of oatmilk is “extra creamy” and “full fat.” I don’t know why, but the phrase “full fat” makes me laugh. But I digress!

How appealing does that cover on the carton look? I feel dumb, though, because for a week now, I’ve thought that was a nut, which didn’t make any sense because this is oatmilk and Silk also states there’s no nuts in the product. I guess that’s what it looks like when oats are harvested, ground and soaked and slow-cooked? In addition, I thought this tasted “nuttier” than the almond milk I previously reviewed! I wonder if I’m mistaking a nutty taste with a grainy taste from the oats?

Guys, I’m not a professional food reviewer. I’m just winging it!

So, it’s not lost on me that oats made in that way and then mixed with filtered water, vitamins and minerals probably would taste a lot different as is versus then adding in other ingredients to make it more creamy and such for my tastes. But, so? If it tastes good, is planet-conscious and doesn’t kill my stomach, let’s goooooo.

Overall though, this is a delicious beverage. I tried the full eight ounce serving in a glass so it wasn’t corrupted by cereal yet. It’s indeed “extra creamy” and “full fat.” Then I used the rest of the milk in a bowl of Life cereal. Yum! What a mix that is; I seriously couldn’t eat that bowl of cereal fast enough.

I would say, the only downside compared to the almond milk and other milks is that one serving (the eight ounces) is 160 calories, which is quite a bit! Granted, I rarely use more than a fourth of a cup of milk thereabouts in a bowl of cereal. That said, even though this is “full fat” and there’s nine grams of fat here, seven of those are monosaturated fats, which are considered the healthy fats. And then one other gram is for the bad fat. “Bad fat” also makes me laugh. Carry on.

Again, much like almond milk, as I alluded to above, I feel great after oatmilk! Unlike dairy milks, which I have talked about a lot on here, almond milk and oatmilk have not and do not destroy my digestive system thereafter. And that’s lovely. I can enjoy a freaking a bowl of cereal again, folks!

To steal another company’s slogan, I’m lovin’ it!

Oh, and trust me, one side of the carton says, “Creamy planet-conscious deliciousness you can dunk a cookie into,” and I sure plan to do that!

By that way, that’s a nice phrase, too: “planet-conscious deliciousness.” Nice.

But seriously, if you’re also on a milk quest like me, consider giving oatmilk a shot!

Dog and messy kitchen table photobomb, but something I don’t mention in the above review is that the color of the milk looks different than dairy milk and for some reason, that’s more fun to me!

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