My Glorious Return to the Keurig

Mr. Coffee looks a little sad here.

When I moved to my own house in January 2021, I stopped using my Keurig and transitioned to Mr. Coffee. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

… I’m only slightly exaggerating!

I love my Keurig because it’s so dang convenient to make one cup at a time rather than make a whole pot I almost assuredly am not going to drink. And the Keurig is faster at making that one cup, obviously. And the coffee is better. And and and.

But the reason I switched from my beautiful Keurig to Mr. Coffee, and this is no shade on Mr. Coffee, as he has served me well, is that Keurig is an expensive habit and I was trying to be financially responsible okay!

Like many, I started out as a Green Mountain type. I loved the Nantucket Blend, a medium roast coffee. Then I became a Donut Shop guy. I also quite liked Caribou Blend Coffee.

Over time, however, I settled into Newman’s Special Blend Bold Coffee. It’s my absolute favorite and hits the spot each time. I just paid nearly $18 at my local grocery store for what I think was a 32-count box.

Within a week, if that? That box is gone, folks. Juxtapose that to buying the 24.2-ounce container of Folgers 100% Colombian I’ve been using with my Mr. Coffee: Not even $6 and it will last me perhaps three weeks, depending on how much coffee and/or scoops I’m having.

That’s the bad and expensive habit I’m talking about.

Currently, I’m enjoy the Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t shout-out this guy’s YouTube video. I haven’t used my Keurig in probably six months? So, when I plugged it in and fired it up, it wouldn’t brew! I was worried it was broken and there went my return to the Keurig. Incidentally, I turned back to ol’ reliable Mr. Coffee to brew a pot, found this guy’s video, got the Keurig to work and dumped out the Mr. Coffee pot, ha.

Turned out, you hold the thingamajig on the water thingamajig and that sort of “flushes out” the Keurig and boom, it started working better than ever. If you ever run into a similar problem, watch this, it’s genius in its simplicity:

Also, funny note is that since it’s the middle of the day on Christmas when I’m writing this, I’m actually drinking chai while talking about coffee. Alas.

What’s your coffee machine of choice and the coffee you brew with?

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