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Here are my non-professional writing publications spanning both nonfiction publications and flash fiction publications. I’ve also included the letters to the editor I used to write to my local newspapers back in the day. This is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list, as some of the things I’ve written no longer have working links. Alas. For my professional writings, you could always search me at The Miami Student, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Post Independent, and The Clermont Sun for hundreds of articles and opinion pieces. Maybe one day I’ll curate those.

Nonfiction Publications

“Note from a Cadaver” — Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue No. 18 (December, 2020)

“Imprisoning Our Own” — Brickwork Magazine (April, 2014)

“Moving On” — Eunoia Review (March 12, 2014)

Flash Fiction Publications

“The Garden of Mono No Aware” — Spelk (April, 2020)

“Derek’s Beginning” — National Flash-Fiction Day’s Flash Flood (June 21, 2014)

“Sirens” — The Molotov Cocktail (Vol. 4, Issue 23)

“Lost Time” — Flash! Friday (Vol. 2-26)

“Sixty Sections with: Brett Milam” — Flash! Friday

“Penny” — Down in the Dirt, “A Creative Journey,” (October, 2014)

“Pocket of Flesh” — Infernal Ink Magazine (Vol. 4, Issue 1, Jan. 2015)

“Heart-Shaped” – 101Words (February, 2015)

Letters to the Editor Publications

“Solve contraceptive issue by making them OTC” — Cincinnati Enquirer (July 8, 2014)

“Some whites have decreed Ferguson isn’t about race” — Cincinnati Enquirer (August 20, 2014)

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      1. You are welcome. I think that post was refreshingly revealing. I even found myself contemplating not telling you how much I liked it. Sadly, that’s how many of us live our lives, not really saying how we feel, because we don’t want to be vulnerable, or we don’t know how someone will interpret these feelings. But you put it all out there, so keep it up! you brave person, you.

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