Deliver Us From Evil: Pedophilia in the Church

Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us From Evil is a documentary about Oliver O’ Grady directed by Amy Berg. It is such a powerful and moving documentary. The documentary remains one of my all-time favorites and there is considerable competition. Undoubtedly, this film can make your fist throb with hatred and your heart swell up with seething anger towards not only Oliver O’ Grady, not only other pedophiles, but the Catholic Church (the whole hierarchy — the Vatican) itself for turning a blind eye to this act unbefitting of not a man of Priesthood, but of a human being. It is sickening on levels that are unexplainable and unfathomable. The things I heard and saw, as presented in this documentary, made my ears want to bleed to rid of the disgustingness sweltering within my brain. It is hard to imagine that something like pedophilia can occur of and in itself. But for it to happen between a priest — a man that when people see they would automatically trust because he is a priest — and a child (male/female) of any age is atrocious. And not only is the actual act atrocious, but the act of deception, hiding and turning a blind eye to it is just as ludicrous and sickening.

This Oliver O’ Grady served seven years in prison. Let me say that again. This Oliver O’ Grady served seven years in prison for sexually abusing children. Then what happens? He gets deported back to his native home of Ireland and walks the streets (amongst children, mind you) as a free man. A free man. This man breaths the air of a free man, but his heart is forever choking with guilt. From my estimation from the interview of O’ Grady, he feels zero remorse. And maybe he can’t help for he too was abused as a child from not only a priest, but his brother as well. They say for nearly thirty years, this man sexually abused little girls and little boys right under the noses of their parents. They say (and I warn you for this is disgusting) that his youngest victim was a nine month old infant girl. Let me make it clear here. We aren’t just talking about O’ Grady touching them in offensive and obscene ways here. We are talking about a grown man raping these children. Raping.

Raping in and of itself is horrendeous because you are being forced into something against your will. You feel ashamed, embarrased and your pride tarnished. Most rape victims don’t speak out because of this. It is as if they feel they aren’t the victim, but the perpatrator. But pedophilia stretches the boundaries of “raping” even further. Because not only is there the age gap and the innocence of these young kids, but what it does to the parents of the victims once the truth comes to light. There was a man they had on this documentary that discussed how he felt once he learned that his daughter was being raped in her bedroom whilst he was in the house sleeping. He obviously was brought to tears rehashing the dark memory. He feels as if he as a parent has failed his child. I can’t even comprehend how that would feel. And this transcends age as well. The ladies that were “taken advantage of” at a young age, are nearly in there 40’s now and still get a sick feeling when they see they same model of car that O’Grady drove on the streets.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of this issue yet. Two major priests were brought in for questioning regarding the Oliver O’ Grady issue. One of them was Roger Mahoney and the other was Caine. Mahoney was a lying, decepetive and sniveling little (for lack of a smarter term) bastard. He lied about helping O’Grady although the police had proof (in letters) that Mahoney helped Grady. I mean get this: O’ Grady was found out to have molested children in the 70s. Mahoney and Caine knew this. But what do they do? Put it under the table and send Grady to another county in LA to preach — ultimately to rape/molest little children even more. They moved him to a new county about three or so times. It was like spreading the problem instead of fixing it. And they don’t want to fix it because they don’t want to ruin their reputation. They don’t want to ruin their power.

It was said that Satan brought Jesus out to the mountains to overlook the city. Satan told Jesus he could have all this power (whilst giving him the view of the cities) as long as Satan was worshipped by Jesus. Jesus of course denied this power, but it seems to me Roger Mahoney and Caine agreed to this deal without hesitation. They took power and wealth over the protection and care of innocent little children. They put their stock ahead of the stock of people that can’t defend themselves. That is an act I’d say is close to just as bad as pedophilia. A guy by the name of Father Tod Doyle is an advocate for the victims of pedophilia. He has been fired twice for being too “outspoken” about this issue. But he persists. He went to Rome with two victims of pedophilia (and O’Grady) out of hundreds/thousands/millions perhaps to personally give a letter to the new Pope (Benedict). And what happened? Not only did Benedict not allow them entry into his place, but he didn’t respond to the letter.

They have said that since the 1950s, it has cost the Church over a billion dollars in legal battles and things of that nature over sexual abuse. Attornies that have worked on this case for years report that over 100,000 people have come out about being victims of pedophilia in the United States alone. That figure I thought was staggering, but then I learned that there are still about 80% that don’t even come out about it. And mind you, this is just in the United States. Mahoney is still in legal battles because over 50 of the priests he procides over have been accused of sexual abuse. There must be thousands of offenders (priests) out there and hundreds of thousands if not in the millions of victims. And the sad thing is, the Church doesn’t seem to be trying to rectify the situation in the least.

Protect the children not the criminals. That was a sign held up by a child in a protest. And it is entirely true. Mahoney and the rest of the Church protected the criminal (Oliver O’ Grady) and turned their back on the children, their parents, their faith, Jesus, and God in favor of money and power and their selfish desires that have now caused a tsunami of problems to be felt all around the world.

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