Getting to know a coworker…

I started a new job back in February with a vending machine company. As with any new adjustment to a new social situation, it took some time to warm up to the various coworkers I interacted with on a day-to-day basis. Predictably, I took to some sooner than others. I enjoy the work inasmuch as one can enjoy working that’s not related to one’s passion.

In any event, there is a woman that works there that I misread initially. I try not to judge people, but she was very talkative my first few interactions with her. That is, talkative to the point where not only I found her annoying, but in such a way as to be detracting from my ability to focus on my work duties. Other coworkers seemed to share this sentiment.

Well, as is the case with pretty much all of life, once you get to know something or someone better or more closely, that initial judgment or perception of that something or someone changes to better reflect a new understanding. I reached that new understanding this past Thursday and Friday.

The “talkative” coworker in question took a tumble out of her truck and broke her nose and sprained her shoulder among other things. I was picked to ride along (and by ride along, I mean, I’d do the driving) with her on her route and help with any strenuous lifting.

Over those two days, yes, she is still someone that enjoys talking, but I was no longer annoyed or turned off by it. I actually found her to be worthwhile company, funny and very nice. It was a fun few days, which went against my preconceived notion of a miserable two days.

I guess the moral of this story is to fall back on the old adage of not judging a book by its cover.

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