The chaotic wisdom of Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

I came across this picture recently and it just reminded me of my general motto in life I try to live by (among others):

Don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

Now, let me contextualize that.

Obviously, in life, there are a multitude of complex and interesting topics and areas that deserve our utmost attention with a specificity of seriousness. Seriousness is not a bad thing, if applicable to a given situation.

However, to never reign in seriousness and then take it further to the point where you take yourself too seriously, can’t laugh at yourself or ridiculous situations, I find that troubling. In other words, it’s okay to be self-deprecating, if it makes you feel better about a particular situation. Mistakes in life happen, things go wrong and some things are just mildly irritating, but they aren’t worth the drama, seriousness or what have you often applied to them.

I feel like life would go much smoother in many ways if people didn’t take themselves or life itself too seriously all the time.

Laugh a little. Life is absurd, but beautifully so.

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