My aversion to people hovering…

I started work at a vending machine company a few months ago and was doing delivery of school lunches to two schools. Since school has been out, I’ve been training on doing actual vending for a few accounts. Something that I’ve known for quite a while has become glaringly present amidst this training:

I cannot work properly and efficiently with someone hovering over me. I become uncoordinated, my mind doesn’t process properly and the easiest things seem unbelievably difficult. In other words, the stereotype that introverts lack common sense bears fruit here; my common sense abates the moment someone’s penetrating eyes are on my back. And it frustrates me, which just makes me fumble with whatever I am doing even more.

Now, given that this is training, a scenario manifest where I am alone to do this work would not be entirely feasible, but I am confident that if left to my own devices, I would be able to do the job without much difficulty. That’s not to say I’d master it in short order since it’s something new, but I don’t think I’d be fumbling around like the proverbial deer in the headlights, as I am currently.

Moreover, this same aversion to “people hovering” applies outside of a work context too. I just generally do not like people invading my personal space.

3 thoughts

  1. I feel your pain! Learning/applying something new with a helicopter boss in your midst is the anxiety equivalent to a cop asking if you’ve had anything to drink tonight – even though you know you haven’t, you still feel guilty of something and start fumbling your words.


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  3. You probably do not like people hovering because of your vulnerable human nature. Because you might not know what that person is doing behind your back. Also, your introverted nature might make you behave that way when personal space is highly valued.


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