Fights in baseball…

First off, if you’re not following Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter, I’d highly recommend doing so, as he offers great insight in 140 characters or less.

Anyhow, he put that Tweet out in response to this video:

D-Backs/Dodgers fight

The Diamondbacks’ Ian Kennedy beamed pitcher Zack Greinke in the head, which resulted in the above bench-clearing brawl.

I guess I should preface with the obvious notion that my sports knowledge is limited, but I get the whole “honor” code among athletes inherent in team sports such as football, baseball, basketball and hockey, especially. With the latter, fights kinda make sense, as it’s part of the culture, but with the other team sports it seems weird to me.

Consider, here are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars to play the game and they’re going to do something we’d expect to see on a middle school playground? I don’t know; it just rubs me the wrong way and even more so when you consider what Tyson says above about how fast a baseball is going. Granted, the potential to get hit is there and the players know that. However, getting intentionally beamed in the head? That’s absurdity, immature and childish.

Just play the game, I’d say.

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