Dance With Me

Powerful clip from The English Patient with Ralph Fiennes with a good analysis of what makes the clip so potent thereafter.

Wisp of Smoke

When an motion picture transcends the usual trappings of a stagnated formulaic money-grabbing endeavor and becomes something relatable, something that takes you on a voyage to an distant memory, a moment in time, is when movie magic is at its most profround.

I vaguely recall what led me to view The English Patient for the first time. It was the mid-nineties and most of my movie choices were based on what my son wanted to watch,comedies and super hero movies and whatnot and i enjoyed every moment we spent in the theater, it was our thing, a shared love for film. But when he was back at his moms house and I slowly dissolved into my solitude, I found myself yearning for a deeper movie experience, I wanted something that made me think, I just craved something unique.

I went to the local video store and walked around in a…

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