Fascinating perspective on Christianity and how Christians ought to understand the message. I’ve offered my own thoughts in response:

Well-articulated and thought out. I don’t think I fit under this umbrella, as I’m not a Christian, but speaking from a theoretical theological perspective, I absolutely agree with your sentiments. I especially thought this part was potent:

“Being born is the most significant thing in your life because it brings you into this world. Yet, it is the most insignificant thing in this life because if all you accomplish is that you exist, then you’ve done nothing with your life.”

However, I would disagree philosophically that there is no meaning in life without God. While true, everything we are and will be and have ever been will cease to exist when the sun burns out. In the same token, however, I nor anybody else will be around to document such an event (theoretically), so why not live in the moment here and now when one can indeed document it? I think our lives have meaning by virtue of our humanness, empathy and expression of love to others. From a purely scientific point, there is no meaning, sure, but morality and meaning exist beyond the admittedly limiting parameters of science.

Very interesting post. Thank you for encouraging some worthwhile thought.

IMG_0684The atheistic philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously stated, “Existence precedes essence.” Boiling down the meaning of this, we come to the idea that there is no purpose in life beyond the purpose we give to life. You’re not born with a destiny, things do not happen for a reason, and you cannot escape the fact that meaning does not exist within this life.

Whether you help an old lady across the street or rob a liquor store, it doesn’t matter; 4.6 billion years from now our sun will expand and consume the earth. Any memories of what you did will be lost forever, all of this long after you have turned into dust. What you do today has no real ramifications for tomorrow, no ramifications beyond what is immediately important to you. Of course, what is important to you is dictated by you and you alone.

It is into this world…

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