A billion dollars is a lot of money…

This video I came across in the way I usually do, via reddit.com.

Obviously, we all know, just in that kinda of innate way, that a billion dollars is a lot of freaking money. However, it’s hard to really conceptualize just how much money that truly is. This video helps with that.

And we’re just talking one billion dollars. Bill Gates of Microsoft is worth $67 billion. That’s sixty-seven of those one billion dollars visualized in the video.

That’s still nothing compared to what the United States economy is. The United States economy, as measured by GDP is $14.99 trillion. That’s a “t” for trillion. A billion is hard to imagine; sixty-seven billion is even harder, but when you take it to trillion? My mind is leaking at the moment. And that’s just not trillion; that’s almost fifteen trillion.

To go back to the billion, if you look at the real time of U.S. National Debt, as found here, then that really puts into perspective how bad we’re doing right now. That’s sixteen trillion dollars

If you really want to have your mind blown by mind-boggling numbers, then check out the “US Unfunded Liabilities” clock: $124 trillion. I might as well be sitting on Jupiter right now sipping a piña colada because that’s how far removed from my understanding that number is.

Jeez, I’d just be happy if someone went and bought me a Chipotle burrito right now, much less a billion dollars sitting in my bank account…


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