Spoilers Ahead

Obviously, the final eight episodes of the series haven’t even begun yet and eight episodes is a lot of television time for events to unfold. However, that said, I figured I’d go ahead and put to paper…er, uh…screen…what I’d like to see happen in the series ending.

Here’s the pivotal scene, which my idea for the series ending is predicated upon, from Episode 4 of Season 5:

Skylar, Walt’s wife, is undeniably desperate at this point. She doesn’t know what to do. Walt has completely and overwhelmingly asserted his dominance over Skylar, physically, emotionally and mentally. She has no recourse, except for one…

She says, “All I can do is wait. That’s it. That’s the only good option. Hold on. Bide my time. And wait…For the cancer to come back.”

I mean, damn. That’s a rough reality for her to admit and confront Walt with therein.

However, what if the series did end like that? What if his cancer returned and he died. Just like that. No guns blazing, death-by-cops or God-forbid, he escapes; he just dies of cancer. All of the acts he has engaged in to “break bad” and all that he has gotten away with, to have nature come back and take it all away from him, the egomaniac, it sounds poetic to me.

He’s a control freak concerned with this “status.” Cancer doesn’t give a fuck.

Photo Credit:  Ben Leuner/AMC

4 thoughts on “How I want Breaking Bad to end…I think

  1. Well I’m finally current on all episodes so I took a look at your post.Alas, I hope it doesn’t end with him just dying of cancer even though I suspect that it could. Its too neat to end the show that way, basically he gets away with everything. My hope is simple butl logical; Walter in jail, his wife in jail and Jessie cuts a deal and gets a reduced sentence. Real life outcome. A couple of those opening sequences seem to indicate Walter gets away but I quite sure that we won’t know until that last episode. Either way, I’ll be tuning in with bated breath.

    • Touche. Let me just say, I’m glad I ain’t writing the finale. I feel like all big time television shows’ series finales are lose-lose. No way to make everyone or even most people happy, I think…

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