As a wrestling fan, I sure can hope that Daniel Bryan is the next big thing in our wacky word. I also think the theory is rather sound…

Angry Wrestling Guy

I have a theory that the top, iconic, wrestling characters reflect the society that births them. In the world of professional wrestling, how could this not be true?

Vince McMahon’s traveling circus version of the wrestling model provides a perpetual, massive, national (and sometimes international) focus group. People make a lot of noise about ratings, but nothing is more instructive than the genuine reactions of thousands of people in real time because those ratings are just numbers — they don’t capture the FEELING of the audience. The WWE owes its longevity to listening to those feelings, understanding them, and out-putting a product that reflects those feelings. You give the people what they want.

My theory is that individual audience members, from all generations, all share a common bond through the cultural architecture of their times. Consequently, iconic characters are successful because they somehow tap into that collective consciousness in a…

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