So, just to be clear, I’m not going to be a cheerleader for Obama on his remarks yesterday, as so many other journalists and pundits are, because he clearly stated and now his aides have backed it up, that he doesn’t need Congress to strike Syria.


In the end, Barack Obama found himself alone.

The British abandoned him. The Arab League could not commit. The United Nations faced Russian obstruction, and the U.S. Congress remained a comedy of dysfunction, unable to marshal a cogent vacation response to proposed missile strikes on a nation many Americans could not find on a map. Even the American people expressed ambiguity and concern. In an NBC poll released Friday, 50% opposed military action on Syria in response to the evidence of chemical weapons use by the regime. Only 42% offered support.

Nonetheless, Obama had done the diplomatic groundwork to prepare for an attack. He had warned the American people. The ships were in position in the Mediterranean Sea, loaded with weapons that Obama said he believed would degrade the Syrian regime’s ability to carry out future chemical weapons attacks, and deter the will of Bashar Assad to allow them. All…

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