The Death Penalty: Antithetical to a Civilized Society

Death Penalty

Ohio killer executed with untested two-drug cocktail

The too long; don’t read version of events is this:

  • The man put to death raped and killed a pregnant woman (she was eight months pregnant)
  • This occurred back in 1989
  • He was killed with an untested two-drug cocktail
  • For 15 minutes, the man reportedly gasped for air
  • Before being put to death, his attorney’s petitioned the court that the two-drug cocktail could cause “air hunger,” but they rejected it, even though admitting it could be a failed experiment

Here are some issues worth pointing out related to this case:

  • How is this acceptable and not grounds for infringement of his 8th Amendment rights? Granted, it doesn’t matter now because he’s dead, but that’s kinda the point
  • How can the jury allow this to happen when they knew it was experimental
  • Notice, it took 25 years to kill this one man. Proponents will say, “Expedite the process,” but that’s the point, too. You can’t hastily kill someone; you have to let them exhaust the appeals process
  • No doubt, given that the pregnant woman was raped, sodomized and had her throat slashed, she suffered, but that doesn’t make this right, either.

Generally speaking, how is it that we’re still putting people to death in the United States in 2014? We know there are innocent people on death row. We hear story after story of exoneration. (Of course, those exonerated are usually never adequately compensated nor are the prosecutors that sent them their punished — a large problem, if you ask me). Even if we could somehow perfect the process wherein we know absolutely that the person on death row is meant to be on death row, I would still oppose the death penalty on moral grounds and legal grounds. I do not believe the United States government ought to have the authority to systematically kill an individual. Morally, it’s obviously problematic.

The death penalty seems unimaginably archaic to a modern, civilized society, yet it’s one of those things still occurring and in some states (mostly Southern) quite frequently.

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