Va Shoma (And You?)

My latest entry in the weekly Flash! Friday contest. The concept that we had to incorporate was “knowledge,” based on the below photo prompt:


They raised the crane, which hung the lifeless body of the thief. Feet and hands tied, eyes blindfolded. Unable to see the pockets of flashbulbs from the cameras. Some, like Nadia, took silent portraits with their phones.

She heard a small gaggle of guys in slacks near her talking about Iranian’s love of football. Two old men looked near-jostling each other; one seemed to be an Esteghlal fan and the other Persepolis.

“The Iranian people support us the most!” the Esteghlal fan said, as he waved his finger.

“But we won nine championships. The most ever, you old fool!” the Persepolis fan retorted.

Now with her photo saved, Nadia felt a tug on the entrails of her burka, which hardly any women she knew wore.

“Stop that,” she said, and her nephew, Darius, barely three feet, did.

He wanted faloodeh. But she wanted shole zard.

Two kids near them playfully wrestled. Darius jumped in, hunger forgotten.

Shole zard it was.

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