John Crawford Shooting In Walmart Found “Justified”

John Crawford III, Tressa Sherrod

Such bullshit…

Check out the video of the incident:

Context from Reason magazne:

Crawford had picked up a pellet rifle from the hardware section of the store and was carrying it around while he talked on the phone.

The police maintained that Crawford had refused orders to drop the weapon; the video footage proves definitively that that was not the case—the cops shot the man almost immediately after encountering him. Claims in some media outlets that Crawford had been walking around the store and pointing the gun at people also seem false, unless those occurrences happened during the few seconds that Crawford was out of range of the surveillance camera.

They fucking gunned this guy down. Within a split-second. And a grand jury found the officers were justified and declined to indict. My god. Am I going mad or is this madness? What the fuck is going on here?

Sure, the Department of Justice is now opening their own independent investigation, but that’s hardly solace at the moment.

Oh and the best part? He was holding an air rifle sold at Walmart and Ohio is an OPEN CARRY STATE. Do you know what that means? That means you can open carry with a weapon in the state of Ohio with some exceptions for your car and I would presume if a business explicitly stated they do not allow firearms on the premise.

Apparently, it’s only open carry if you’re white.

By the way, due to the officers firing their weapons, a woman had a heart attack and died. Lovely.

It’s far, far too easy for officers to not only take a human life, but to get away with it.

For bonus police brutality, check out the New York Police Department, well, being the New York Police Department and throwing a pregnant woman to the ground. Then watch them kick a street vendor in the head. Lovely community policing.


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