Trash and Bones

The latest Flash! Friday prompt with “include a death” and the above picture as prompts. Here’s my story with a max 160 word limit.

From the detachment of the binocular’s lens, I could see the tombstones bobbing in the ocean, names obscured by the seaweed and trash.

The beach was scattered with bones. Skulls, femurs, tibias, ribs and sternums protruded from the wet sands like ancient fossils.

Clean it up. That’s what my boss said. While others had been tasked with searching for the living — or rather, the surviving — I was meant to piece back together the dead.

And yet, all I could hear in my head was that damn American song I’d heard on the television as a child:

“The hip bone’s connected to the back bone, the back bone’s connected to the shoulder bone…”

The sing-songy tune played in a loop across my brain, as I watched a tombstone coughed up by the ocean crash into the shore.

Wood coffins were being trucked in from Kyoto once I was able to organize the salvageable. Mass-produced death holders.

“Foot bone’s connected…”

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