My latest entry into the Flash! Friday context (2 of 2 entries, first entry here) with the photo prompt featured above and the word prompt to include a surgery. 160 word max, as usual.

Derek had a doctor’s scalpel and was using it to cut the face off of Cindy here, knocked out in his lap. From the angle, it was hard to do precise cuts, but precision didn’t matter.

She didn’t need her face. She was using it as a makeup depot to make dudes hard and girls weep with envy.

Some cookie cutter neighbor of Cindy’s from the heartland of America would cite her as a unique butterfly taken too soon. Everybody’s fucking unique, which means nobody is.

Derek’s not unique. If he didn’t remove her face, there’s ten other freaks waiting behind him to desecrate her or any other facsimiled Cindy’s out there.

But at least he’s honest. Maybe that’s unique. Maybe it’s not. He doesn’t care.

After removing her face, he tried it on. It’s warmer than he expected. Felt like a flimsy steak.

Through Cindy’s eyeholes, he looked at her blood-soaked skull. He scoffed, what a modern day clown.



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