Down to Earth

My latest in Micro Bookends weekly contest where they supply the first and last words and you supply the rest (at no more than 110 words). Along with the above photo, the prompt this week was “earth” and “colony.” I also received this generous feedback:

“I love the description of bacteria fornicating under fingernails. This story really puts us in our place – “the slugs of the galaxy”. A superior being watches from its vantage point as we go “slogging around the sun, spilling each other’s blood”. I also love the reference to Genghis Khan which adds a time perspective.”

Earth, like the bacteria fornicating under my fingernails, was a nuisance, but only just.

They were the slugs of the galaxy, slogging around and around the sun, spilling each other’s blood while the stars awaited.

From our vantage point, we, too, waited for any sign that they were ready. Thousands of years, kings and queens, empires, blips in technological explosion and even Apollo, we waited.

And still they would always, always collapse back into insignificance.

I’d weep if I had eyes, but in frustration, I’d torn them out after Genghis Khan’s rise.

Now I hardly notice them. I receive daily reports that I half-read on the happenings in the “colony.”


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