Places I’ve Been

So, with this neat little website, you can plug in the different states you’ve visited and it creates the cool color differentiation below. You’ll find the link under my map. Now, I personally have my own understanding of “places I’ve been.” Maybe it’s similar or maybe it’s different to yours. I consider going to a place to mean actually staying overnight somewhere for at least one night; you’re fixed in there. It’s not as if you were merely passing through the state, stopped to get gas or some such like that. Because if that was the case, I could add on a few more states.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

As you can see, I’ve got the mid-west, somewhat east-coast well covered. Further out west is entirely empty of my ginger footsteps and that’s something I’d love to fix. As cliche as it is, the places I liked best were D.C. and New York City. They are just magical in their own ways and you can’t get your fill of them.

The thought of trying to make the entire map purple (or violet or whatever color that is…) is daunting, but there are a plethora of places I’d like to see before I die. Hell, it could fill a lifetime, but there’s the global side that I want to see, too, seeing as how I’ve never been overseas.

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