Peace with Iran


I have much, much more to say on this subject, but I wanted to get these particulars out there.

Fun fact: The largest concentration of Jews in the Middle East aside from Israel reside in Iran.

Fun fact: There are numerous (well over 25) synagogues in the capital of Tehran.

Even thinking about erecting a synagogue in our ally Saudi Arabia would get your front lobe lobbed off.

And yet, Netanyahu sees them as an existential threat to his country and “his” (another absurd claim) people. Even if they wanted to (they don’t) acquire a nuclear weapon and did, so? Israel has over 300. They’re backed by a country that has over 8,000. I’ll take the odds of those two countries over Iran’s one.

As others have mentioned, too, Iran for all the hype leveled its way, relative to many of its neighbors, is one of the least belligerent countries in the Middle East. Compared to us, much less belligerent.

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