What Kind of Gun Control Do Progressives Want to See?

Seriously curious: what do proponents of gun control in any of its variants want to see happen in America? After all these tragic shootings, I hear, “Enough is enough.” But I never hear what they actually want to do policy-wise to try to prevent these tragedies.

At the federal, state and local levels, what is it that you want to do that you think would be effective? I’m also not interested for the purposes of this in tangential issues, like fixing our mental health care system or some such. 

I posted the above — that’s why I italicized it — to my Facebook page because I’m genuinely curious what the answer is. I then provided my own musings in the comments section, which I’ll duplicate here in a moment. But I wanted to also note, if I get some good feedback, I’ll update this blog post as they come in.

What gun control policy not already on the books would stop these massacres? In a lot of these instances, the individuals obtained the gun legally or acquired them through someone that had. I’m not sure what we can add on to that to stop those sort of tragic loopholes.

And there is undoubtedly a segment of progressives that favor confiscation and/or banning of firearms. If conservatives are inane for thinking we can round up and deport 11 million people, then surely progressives are inane for thinking we can confiscate anywhere between 270 million to 310 million firearms reportedly in the U.S. (or if we even did a third or a generous fifth, as Australia, did, it’s still insane)? And ignoring all the reasons why that would be impossible, then you would have to contend with the undeniable black market that would arise.

The other side of this, too, which doesn’t get as much play in progressive circles is the suicide factor. Suicides by firearms far outpace homicides by firearms and unlike the latter, the former hasn’t trended downward the last two decades. It seems obvious enough that taking a gun out of the equation is a good way to delay, at least, a sometimes impulsive act like a suicide (although I kinda disagree with that phrasing; it’s like saying jumping out the window of a burning building is an impulsive act). But I’m also not sure what the solution is given the aforementioned…

gun control

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