Libertarians Can Be so Embarrassing

I’m a libertarian. Hello, world. But I find my fellow libertarians — well, they call themselves that, at least — can be incredibly embarrassing to me and in worst cases, repugnant. Enter, Lew Rockwell. He’s essentially a conservative of the 1960s variety, but positions himself as this big anarchist libertarian, which is just nonsense. I generally like Tom Woods; his show, The Tom Woods Show, makes for a good podcast listen on certain subjects and with certain guests, but I was dismayed to hear the Donald Trump podcast from two days ago Rockwell and Woods had.

For 40 minutes, Rockwell sounds indistinguishable from a conservative and seems fucking smitten by Trump for being such an “anti-establishment” guy. Woods mostly cheerleads him on those points. And the comment section on the podcast ain’t much better itself. I find this incredibly embarrassing as a libertarian and I could go quote by quote in the next section repudiating their sentiments, but I’d rather not waste my time. I just want to show the stupidity.

Here are some random quotes from Lew and Tom I went back and nabbed, if you’re not a masochist like me and don’t want to actually listen to them. As you can see in the podcast description and then about 14 minutes in, they both lavish praise on Trump for his Iraq war stance, but uh, he was against it…after it started. (And of course, Rockwell tries a few times to preface that, “Well, of course, libertarians wouldn’t like Trump, but…” I don’t find his prefaces convincing given what he goes on to say thereafter.)

“When it comes to foreign policy, I’d say there’s at least a moderate chance Trump would be better.” – Woods

“Finally there is a candidate who is really shaking things up. Pretty much everybody who is paranoid about Trump is not somebody you want to have control over you.” – Rockwell

“He’s very quick, very smart. Donald Trump is extremely smart.” – Rockwell

“There are people who accuse him of being a potential dictator…None of us can think of a business man who has ever been a dictator. He could be much better [than George W. Bush and Barack Obama]. Are we really supposed to fear him more than Jeb Bush?” – Rockwell

“There’s something happening in this country and it’s driving the elites crazy.” – Rockwell

“Another thing I love about him is he’s totally destroyed political correctness. They call him a racist for his immigration position. they call him a sexist, a misogynist for being upset at Megyn Kelly. He’s definitely the Teflon candidate. Just the fact that he was asked what he would do if Black Lives Matter came to him, which now turns out is founded and run by a white guy, wasn’t it terrible they did that to Bernie Sanders? I can tell you they’re not taking my mic.” – Rockwell

[Rockwell and Woods are just smitten with Trump at this juncture and can’t believe those two black women would be so rude. Not to mention, Rockwell repeating one of the most racist things I’ve seen in some time — the conservative attack that Shaun King is not actually biracial — is repulsive.]

“They even disrupt Bernie Sanders? Have your own event. We don’t disrupt things, right? It never dawned on me to make an ass of myself. It’s a totalitarian impulse to not allow an opinion that is different from mine. Just horrifying.” – Woods

“And it’s a violation of property rights and manners.” – Rockwell

“Who knows what their going to do to Trump? Sometimes terrible things happen to people who threaten the establishment. So you sorta can’t know about that sort of thing.” – Rockwell

“He’s talking about issues that have been suppressed for decades. He wipes away all the political correctness. Now everyone can discuss immigration, whereas before it can never be discussed. The idea that you can just bring the entire world here…a lot of them go on welfare, get affirmative action, go to public schools, all kinds of other government services…” – Rockwell

“You can’t bash immigration without being a racist, a fascist, a bum.” – Rockwell

“This is the only candidate that is actually capable of reaching out to the black community. He also gets 25 percent of the Latino vote. The people who are workers, who are settled here, don’t like the idea of a lot of bums…welfare bums…coming in and being given all kinds of privileges.” – Rockwell

“Look at the candidates who think the way to reach out to the [black] community is to go to Ferguson. You know, the rioters, the burglars, the looters and so forth, they, why do they do that? The people Trump appeals to are the people who have jobs, who have families, who have homes and who have a stake in the community. It doesn’t appeal to the welfare bums who are shooting people in Ferguson. The people who went to Ferguson to make it a moral issue that the people in Ferguson are being maltreated because they’re not allowed to loot, doesn’t work.” – Rockwell

The lack of understanding when it comes to the issue of Ferguson is mind-blowing.

Ugh, do better libertarians. Do better.

2 thoughts

  1. I don’t see many libertarians in politics. Who would you say is one?

    Mostly what I see are Republicans trying to rebrand themselves after 2008.

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    1. I don’t know of any currently in politics I would feel comfortable assigning that label to. Justin Amash isn’t too bad, though from what I’ve seen.


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