Taser Death with Georgia Police

Read the troubling story from the New York Times here.

And here’s the disturbing video:

So, some immediate thoughts about this video I had.

For starters, there is no reason to get the police involved in this situation. It requires a medical response, not a law enforcement one. But if the officers are going to respond, there’s no reason why they can’t just station themselves outside the vehicle until EMS gets there. And if they are going to go into the car, they knew they were responding to someone hallucinating. Shouldn’t they be better trained for it?

Moreover, isn’t it obvious that if you administer a Taser to someone 15 times, that it more than likely is not going to enable a good outcome?

Finally, the officers at the end give us a rare glimpse into the “blue code of silence” with their discussion of how the officer will be “fine.”

One more point. The victim and officer are both white. Those who deny the BLM-police brutality narrative will see this as a, “A-ha!” moment. But in reality, BLM-police brutality narrative and the fact that this victim was white are compatible and make sense w/ the story of police. The narrative has always been: minorities get the brunt of police brutality/injustice disproportionately, but it still effects whites, too.

That it does effect whites too and that such a thing is more visible nowadays is what’s new for whites.

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