Very Short Stories: A Playful Sun

If you’re not familiar, there’s a writing prompt on Twitter for the writing community with the hashtag vss365. The “vss” stands for “very short story,” and the number is self-explanatory. Each month, a new Twitter user is tasked with posting a new word each day to prompt people. With the 280 characters available in a Tweet, a user has to come up with a story of some sort incorporating the posted word-of-the-day, although because you need to include the hashtag, the story itself is typically 273 characters (if you try to be exact, at least).

It also doesn’t necessarily have to be a story. Some play around with the form and structure by doing poetry or a haiku or whatever else.

For Aug. 7, the prompt word is “iff.”

Here is my entry:

Richard looked his textbook, “It is day iff it is not night.” It was day in Buffalo, but in Brisbane, it was night. The sun yawned awake here, but yawned asleep there.

He doodled a sun sticking its tongue out next to the biconditional, thinking about playing at recess. #vss365

lol, I spent an hour trying to wrap my head around this one today, and then forgot “at” between “looked and “his.” Whoops.

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