Haiku Challenge for Oct. 8: ‘On’

Creative Commons photo.

Today’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are my 10 haiku poems:

with depression, you’re
used to being ‘on,’ wearing
the mask that conceals.

press my on button,
resuscitate my dead brain.
zombie roaming free.

on time, on point, on
all the time is exhausting,
turn me back off please.

on the matter of
us, I plead the fifth, my voice
shriveled and frail now.

on the matter of
us, watched us disintegrate
passive bystander.

get on with it, life,
put me through the wringer, and
let my guts drip out.

with anxiety,
my brain is on the constant
blender setting, whir.

on anxiety,
my brain is squeezed like a sponge,
and soaks up drippings.

on anxiety,
my brain hides behind itself
from its self each day.

woke up today, tried
turning myself on and off
again, but malfunctioned.

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