Flash! Friday for Oct. 23: Where the Flowers Still Sing

If you’re not familiar with what Flash! Friday is, here’s the explainer. But in short, it’s a fun weekly contest of flash fiction writers, where each week a new picture prompt, “element” prompt (based on fire and ice), and a limited word count is given, and writers have 24 hours to submit their story. By Monday, the judges pick a winner.

The Oct. 23 prompt was this picture:

Woman Pushes a WheelchairHitsujiyama Park, Japan. CC2.0 photo by Ajari.

The additional prompt was to either include an unexpected joy (fire element) or include an unexpected sorrow (ice element). The word count was between 185-195 words.

You can read the full results here.

My entry had a word count of 195 words, and used the fire element. Here is my entry:

He was already dead. I could feel nothing, but slight vibrations as his head rolled from one shoulder to the next.

When I met Michi, he teemed with chaotic energy like his bones were rioting. The bones weren’t cooperating like they used to though, so the energy went to his eyes, devouring all the sights he could.

His favorite spot was Lake Motosu, with its sheen like a crystal ball, telling fortunes of a future he wouldn’t get to see. But the present was enough.

Time had a way of flattening even people like Michi, and when that happened, she couldn’t take it anymore. They called it physician-assisted suicide in the West, but here, it was a mercy killing. She became a physician by necessity, but was tired, and had to think of the little one.

At that point, I became an unwilling hearse. His warm hands were no longer there to guide me. To guide us.

After she dumped him into the water, she had no more use for me, and I was discarded among the flowers, with my wheels still spinning.

I found Michi again, in the petals, dancing and bellowing their fragrance.

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