Haiku Poems: Depression, Lunchroom Bully

Creative Commons photo.

I did my 10 haiku poems yesterday for the daily haiku challenge, and the prompt word was “pay.” I did one in the mold of depression being akin to a “lunchroom bully” using the prompt word. Then I did five more haiku poems before realizing I wasn’t using the prompt word anymore. But I still liked the haiku poems. As such, here they are. Five haiku poems about Depression, Lunchroom Bully.

depression, lunchroom
bully, starts food fight with me;
I eat everything.

depression, lunchroom
bully, everyone else looks
away ’cause they can.

depression, lunchroom
bully, others say we’re both
to blame for the fight.

depression, lunchroom
bully, when they break it up,
no one sees my blood.

depression, lunchroom
bully. Escaping to hide
in the bathroom stall.

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