Recipe: Using Ripe Bananas to Make Waffles

Isn’t it just the cutest?

Don’t do it! Don’t toss those ripe bananas out! Even the most banana fiend type, which is me, often can’t get through a bunch of bananas before a couple of them get too ripe. And I don’t know about you all, but as much as I love bananas and anything banana-based, I’m not eating an overripe banana straight up. However, tell me to turn it into a waffle easy peasy? Heck yeah, I’m down!

So, here’s what I did.

First, you’re going to want a super cute waffle maker. I have the mini one pictured above, but obviously, a normal-sized one works. Next, plug it in! Let that bad boy heat up.

Next, take your ripe bananas — in this case, I had two medium-sized ripe bananas — peel them and mash them up into a medium-sized bowl. You don’t need a fancy masher thingamajig. I just used a fork. Mash. Mash. Mash. Swirl. Swirl. Swirl. That oughta do the trick.

Then, add a little over a cup of flour thereabouts (full disclosure: I eyeball these things), 200 milliliters of milk, a spoonful of vegetable oil and two eggs to the mashed bananas. Obviously, if you’ve got more bananas (or maybe you’re working with one banana!), then you’ll want to adjust these measurements accordingly.

Mix well! The batter should look something like this after:

Mhmm, yummy.

At this stage, you’re own creativity, tastes and experimentation come into play. It’s waffles, folks. You can add more fruits, like blueberries, raspberries or strawberries to the the batter (and I know some prefer to use those as toppings rather than mixing it in, so go ahead!) or cinnamon (I did that) or even a little vanilla extract or spinach leaves or whatever you want!

The final thing to do before putting the batter on the nice and hot waffle maker is to spray it with some cooking spray so it doesn’t stick. That’s probably the most important step, to be honest. Then I took one of those cooking spoons and scooped up a nice heaping of batter onto my waffle maker. Let it cook to your heart’s content (I prefer crispier).

Can you smell the bananas?

I added my usual butter and syrup afterward. Again, get fun with it. You want whip cream? Slop it on there. Powdered sugar? Why not?

Now, the best part about all of this, aside from how easy, yummy and resourceful (so you’re not wasting bananas) this is is that two medium-sized bananas with the aforementioned measurements to make the batter per my mini-waffle maker made almost 10 decent-sized waffles. Essentially, the size you’d expect to see in a bog of Eggo waffles:

I take the best food photos.

I can be a glutton, but I’m that bad. I’m not going to stand there and eat 10 waffles. I ate four. The rest? I put into a bag and froze them for future eating! In fact, I just had two this morning. How cool is that? From two bananas, two eggs, a little milk, flour and vegetable oil, and about, I don’t know, 20 minutes of total prep, cook and clean time, I have at least three breakfast meals out of it. You can’t beat that! Now, if you’re working with a normal-sized waffle maker, adjust that however. I would imagine you could eat one large waffle, then have at least two left over, right?

So, if you’re thinking of just pitching those overripe bananas, don’t! I’m telling you, banana-infused waffles is a lot better than a banana-infused trash liner. Not that I would know anything about the latter.

Boom, leftovers!

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