Food Review: Banana Crème Pie Pop-Tarts

I’m such a sucker for “new exclusive” and the value pack deal!

So, who doesn’t love Pop-Tarts? If you don’t, you’re lying to everyone and yourself. Yes, they’re a processed pastry item. Yes, they’re unhealthy (190 calories for just one pastry! But they package them in that cool foil two at a time; who is opening the package for only one pastry?! That’s how they getcha). And yes, I’ve been eating healthy for the most part and avoiding things like Pop-Tarts, but that was until my eyes looked over to the pastry stand (I believe I was in the cereal aisle innocently, I swear!) and over the loud speakers at Kroger, I heard:

And there these were:

Packaged in the box, of course, but I wanted to show off a different picture.

I mean, folks. Banana crème pie is my favorite pie. Yup. Chocolate crème pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie — all fantastic, I love pies (more than cakes!). But banana crème pie? Well, I suppose you could say it’s the “cream of the crop.” Heh.

And the Frankenstein monsters over at Pop-Tarts land somehow distilled that into a pastry that I pop into my toaster and THE FREAKING THING SMELLS AND TASTES LIKE BANANA CRÉME PIE; WHY AM I YELLING. I AM YELLING WITH JOY, FOLKS.

Now, you know why I heard:

I digress. It really does smell like it and not merely that artificial banana flavor smell. You know the one. No, this smelled like real deal banana crème pie and the inside even sort of looks like mashed up banana:

I take the best food photos.

Pop-Tart states that this new flavor is made with a graham cracker flavored crust and topping, with a “natural tasting banana crème filling.”

“These are good straight out of the pouch, but amazing toasted,” they continue to state.

Truth. I did toast mine and that gooey banana yumminess was amazing indeed. I haven’t tried them straight out of the pouch, but for science™, I will do that eventually.

There are many good flavors of Pop-Tarts. Looking at a list of them Pop-Tarts actually has a fan favorites list), I’d say some of my favorites include the classic brown sugar cinnamon, salted caramel pretzel, frosted chocolate fudge, frosted raspberry and frosted wildlicious wild berry. Who are the weirdos that like some of these unfrosted versions?

But I must say, I might like the banana crème pie the best. Yes, even over classic brown sugar cinnamon. I said what I said.

Looking at what’s new, aside from this one, they have peach cobbler, tropical mango and lemon crème pie. I need to try these, too. Goodness.

What are your favorite flavors of Pop-Tarts? And if you’re in the mood for trying something out of your comfort zone, pop these into your toaster immediately.

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