Poem: Will of the Good

Creative Commons photo.

My latest original, five-line poem. What’s the nomenclature for a true poem? If you write a story that’s true, they call it creative non-fiction. What about poetry? In any event, I hope you like it.

Will of the Good

sometimes, I think about how her memory of me will be
like a forgotten favorite stuffed animal, left to roll around
in a trunk until someone dropped it off at Goodwill
to be touched by fifty other hands, not knowing its history;
and the girl stuffed into a new universe without me.

2 thoughts

  1. It’s a good question to ask: how will someone we cared so deeply for remember us; will they even think of us at all? I’ve been in love 4 times (I’m 44, and sort of picky and decisive about the whole thing; in love right now, unexpectantly. I mentioned that already:-)), so I can relate to the exciting yet somewhat painful process. In all seriousness, I can picture a stuffed animal being dropped off at a Goodwill, since I often shop there, so the symbolism hits a spot for me. This piece makes me think of the song “Been in Love Before” by Cutting Crew as well; great job, as usual, expressing your emotions and asking an honest, heartfelt question:-).

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