Poem: The Woman Around My Throat

Creative Commons photo.

My latest original five-line poem. I tried to do this poem yesterday (after an idea came to me) and I couldn’t get it it to work. I like it now.

The Woman Around My Throat

you’re the coat I can’t take off; the buttons I’m
incapable — unwilling — to navigate.
instead, I choke, choke on the pain of you
around my throat, thinking what it would be like
to unspool you to my feet.

2 thoughts

  1. I like this piece, and the imagery that comes with it. Even in a positive light, I think a woman around one’s throat can be applied, but that’s why we always hope to find the good ones and stay away from the poison (Colleen from the Sawgrass Marriott Pub has captured me in so many ways, someone I’ll be in love with 30 years from now, but she doesn’t tease me or offer promises she can’t deliver, so even if we never end up together, I’m happy with at least that:-). Sorry for the rambling (Colleen’s like an emotional reflex at this point), but I feel that this is fine work here brett.

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    1. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you’re able to relate to it! It’s weird how we sort of gravitate toward that which can and may choke us …


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