Poem: Marine Snow

Creative Commons photo.

My latest five-line original poem, mixed metaphors and all. I got the image of my “eroding fibers” drifting to the bottom of an ocean to be devoured like prey by predators, which led me to “marine snow,” the flakes of organic, edible substances that sink down from the upper ocean, and is the diet of deep sea creatures. Although, I suppose I’m doing that thing where you explain a joke and it becomes less funny. Alas.

This poem was primarily inspired by a dream I had last night where I asked my ex if she had gotten rid of everything I ever gave her, with her giving me the expected answer of, “Yes.”

Poetry is catharsis.

Marine Snow

one of the last things i gave you was a welcome mat;
the irony sticks on my tongue like its brown fibers,
more durable than my own eroding ones
attacked like marine snow; the flakes of our love fell
from the top of a mighty ocean gone still.

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